Keith Stiles

Keith is a contributor to PerfectBee, documenting his story to the realm of beekeeper.A native of North Carolina, Keith travels the country working with colleges and universities implementing event scheduling software. When he's not on the computer and working with his clients, helikes to tend to his flowers, singing with the First United Methodist Church Chancel Choir and the Haywood County Community chorus and - of course - enjoy his bees!

Queen Cell in Nucleus Colony

A Buckfast Experiment Goes Bust – Aggressive Bees and Honey Supers

Bee season is in full swing in western North Carolina with all the interesting developments that brings.  Local beekeepers have reported swarms, including one my own bee mentor experienced.  Luckily, our regional state bee inspector had been invited to his apiary to check things out and saved the day by collecting the swarm. Since my …

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Another View of the Brood Pattern

Spring Approaches and An Apiary Springs Into Life

Many things have happened since my last posts.  You are due lots of updates about what’s happened over the winter months in Beorn’s Apiary.  Winter seemed to last forever and we are still having off-and-on cold snaps here in western North Carolina. During December, the apiary was visited with a pretty significant snowstorm.  And, for …

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Black-eyed Susan

Gardening for Beekeepers: Flowers that Honeybees Love

Last week, we discussed various educational resources available to new beekeepers.  Hopefully, those resources will be as useful to you as they have been to me.  This week, we are going to explore one of my other passions, gardening, specifically flowers, shrubs and trees.  But before we talk about honeybee-friendly plants, let’s talk about some …

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Newly Drawn Comb with Brood Pattern

Choosing a Treatment For Varroa Mites

Last week’s blog post centered around providing information about the various options for treating Varroa Mites.  This week I had the opportunity to attend our beekeepers club’s annual Varroa Mite Workshop with our region’s state bee inspector, Lewis Cauble.  After this workshop, I have come to a decision about my treatment option for Varroa Mites. …

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Third Hive Pre-Nuc Installation

Surprises in the Bee Yard: Two Weeks Is an Age in Beekeeping

With my two weeks at the corporate headquarters behind me, I was looking forward to seeing what had happened in my apiary.  As I mentioned in my last post containing more bee musings, I missed my hard-working ladies!  There are many updates to share including some significant surprises. My absence meant I was unable to …

Surprises in the Bee Yard: Two Weeks Is an Age in BeekeepingRead More »

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