Ron Lane

Ron Lane has kept bees for the last decade in the beautiful state of Oregon. He’s an instructor teaching classes in the Oregon Master Beekeeping Program and privately mentors new beekeepers as well as tending to his own fifteen to twenty colonies spread over four different bee yards. Ron has a passion for bees and encourages your questions here on the Perfectbee web site.Ron and his wife share their home with Burly, a 150 pound English Mastiff, enjoy organic gardening and traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest. One of his favorite activities is discussing beekeeping issues with a friend while sharing a cold micro-brew.His “Outside the Swarm” mentality has also led him into writing and he has published two books under the pen name of Tyler Roberts – “Truths Blood” and “Red Star Rising”.


Foundation or Foundationless Beekeeping?

A Key Choice For The Beekeeper When first starting out, the beginning beekeeper is faced with numerous choices to make about beekeeping equipment. Those decisions are made with little or no experience as a guide. One of the more important decisions is whether to use foundation. Frames vs. Foundation First, let’s get the terminology straight. All …

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Honey Bees

Natural Beekeeping: The Problems with Following The Crowd

Keeping it Real Natural beekeeping has quickly drawn the attention of new beekeepers across the nation. It’s a rare bee class or meeting when the topic doesn’t come up. Out of concern for the environment and especially the status of our beloved honeybee, it seems the majority of beeks (beekeepers) who have just taken up …

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Queen Cells

Looking forward as the the colony grows

Our “Newbee Questions, Expert Answers” series, takes the questions of a curious, fascinated, worried, perplexed and sometimes downright confused “newbee” and provides expert responses. In this edition… Mark’s hive is thriving. His queen is active and the hive is getting heavier by the day. He’s starting to look ahead at what the summer brings and …

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