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PerfectBee Beekeeping Learning Paths​

From understanding the incredible honeybee, to installing and maintaining a healthy beehive, PerfectBee Learning Paths have been enjoyed by thousands of new and existing beekeepers.

We offer two learning paths. Both paths follow a well-proven, structured approach with 3 courses each with 3 sections, described below.
  • Free Introductory Course. Featuring 40 lessons, we send you a collection of emails guiding you through these fascinating articles and introducing you to the amazing bee and beekeeping. Sign up for our Introductory Course click here.
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Our Courses

(Included in both Introductory Course and Academy)

Learn About Bees

The Science of Bees

The Life of Bees

About Beekeeping

Your Beehive

Beehives & Accessories

Equipment & Clothing

Starting Your Beehive

A Healthy Beehive

Threats To Bees

Inspecting Your Beehive

Reaping The Rewards

Course 1 : Learn About Bees​

Our first course prepares you for beekeeping with a close and fascinating look at the amazing honey bee.​

Section 1.1
The Science of Bees
The honeybee is one of nature's most incredible creatures. Our course starts with a look at the huge diversity of bees around the world, honeybee reproduction, the miracle of pollination, the beauty of honeycomb and more.​

Academy lessons cover many additional topics such as honeybee anatomy, the lifecycle from egg to adult, the use of pheromones and much more.
Section 1.2
The Life of Bees
In this section, we investigate the furious activity happening in and away from the hive, how bees use their senses, the fascinating way they make honey, why they swarm and much more.

Academy adds offer detailed explanations of the roles of drone, queen and worker bees. We look at the foraging that takes place away from the hive, how bees maintain suitable conditions in the hive, the curious notion of "fat bees" and much more.
Section 1.3
About Beekeeping
In the final section of this course, we build a stepping stone from the bee to the beekeeper. Our free lessons include a look at the joy of beekeeping with kids, finding clubs and mentors, some great books to consider and more.

Our Academy lessons include the increasing popular idea of urban beekeeping, how to deal with bee stings, keeping things friendly with the neighbors, some of the important benefits of beekeeping, practicing responsible beekeeping and much more.

Course 2 : Your Beehive

Building on our first course, Your Beehive is all about the practical details of beekeeping.

Section 2.1
Beehives and Accessories
We start this course with a look at the options you make when you choose your type of beehive. We provide an overview of the most popular types of hives, what bees - and beekeepers - need and the important practicalities of setting your first beehive.

Academy drills down to take a closer look at the Langstroth, Top Bar and Warre hives, some reflections on the Flow Hive, the role of foundationless beekeeping and more.
Section 2.2
Equipment and Clothing
In this section, we look at the tools, equipment and clothing important to the beekeeper. Our lessons include a look at the iconic smoker, some useful tools to consider and how to stay protected with your choice of clothing.

Among our Academy lessons, we consider the use of feeders and how technology is playing an increasingly important role in the life of beekeepers.
Section 2.3
Starting Your Beehive
One of our most exciting sections - installing that first beehive! We cover the essential planning necessary ahead of installing your hive, where to obtain your bees, involving friends and family and some important beekeeping advocacy groups of interest.

In Academy we consider the specifics of installing bees from either a package or a nuc, as well as the fascinating topic of capturing swarms. We look deeper at feeding bees and introduce you to what happens in the brood nest. And we walk you through that first inspection!

Course 3 : A Healthy Beehive

Installing a beehive is just the start. In our final course we delve into what it takes to help your bees maintain a healthy beehive.

Section 3.1
Threats To Bees
It's important for beekeepers to understand the threats our bees face. Our lessons include an overview of the main threats to bees, including Colony Collapse Disorder. We look at many examples, from tiny mice to big bears. And we introduce the essential topic of the damaging Varroa mite.

Academy goes into much more detail, covering important topics such as robbing, Small Hive Beetle, Wax Moth, American and European Foulbrood, diseases and a very close look at Varroa.
Section 3.2
Inspecting Your Beehive
Your beehives are up and running. Now what? Our free lessons in this large section help you understand what's important when you inspect your hive. We look at how to recognize the possibility of swarming, how to combat cross comb and managing hive capacity.

Our Academy lessons cover queenlessness, requeening, a look at the brood pattern, overwintering honeybees, preparing for winter, managing moisture in the hive and more.
Section 3.3
Reaping The Rewards
Having spent so long looking at bees and beekeeping - it's time think about the rewards! Our free lessons look at the many and varied rewards of this wonderful hobby and offer an introduction to harvesting honey.

Our Academy lessons drill down further on harvesting honey, and the extraction of beautiful wax and more.
Serving hobbyist beekeepers, to help you build your beekeeping knowledge, engage with other beekeepers and save on beekeeping supplies.
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