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A note about shipping charges...

Feb 21st 2022

We waited as long as possible. We really did!

We are so appreciative of our thousands of customers, many of whom are repeat customers. We are introducing a change to our shipping policy and, since we know shipping is an important consideration for all customers, want to make sure you know about this. That is the purpose of this blog post.

Ever since I first launched PerfectBee back in 2015 I have been eager to keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum. We've been able to offer free shipping on orders above $75 (except orders over 25 lbs). To be brutally honest, I always knew that would be untenable at some point and we managed to hold on as long as we could.

Sadly, the day has come...

Short Version

We are introducing new shipping rates for the PerfectBee Store, as follows.

  • For the majority of orders we will charge simple, flat-rate shipping, based on your shipping address. These rates are documented on our Shipping and Returns Page
  • For orders over 25lbs we will charge a rate based on the weight and shipping address of your order

We realize that shipping costs are a key factor in your purchase decision. We remain very competitive with respect to "cost-to-door" (the product you order + shipping) when locating sources for your beekeeping supplies.

And the Gory Details...

The last couple of years have been "interesting" for us all. Most of you will be aware of the impact on the supply chain. That is indeed one very important factor with which we have had to contend.

But we don't want to pretend it's the only reason. Shipping costs have been on the rise for years and, very sadly, we've reached the point where we simply can't retain our free shipping for orders over $75.

We have thought about this long and hard. Our goal was to make our shipping charges consistent, easy-to-understand, transparent and - above all - fair. Truth be told, for the vast majority of orders, including those under $75, we have made a loss on what we charge customers for shipping, vs. what we are charged. That's part of our business model.

Unfortunately, this has reached the point where this is no longer viable if we are to continue serving our customers. Therefore, we're introducing simple, flat rate shipping based on shipping location (note : we ship from the east coast). As mentioned above, those rates are documented here.

In Conclusion

We don't like it. We know you won't be leaping for joy.

But we hope you will understand that, in these challenging times, we are doing all we can to offer you high-quality products, awesome customer service (the primary reason for our high number of repeat customers) and fair, low-cost shipping rates.

I am ever thankful for our many customers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us our Contact Form.

We are always proud and honored to serve you. Thank you.

Mark Williams - Founder, PerfectBee

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