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Exciting Updates At The PerfectBee Store

Our Goal For The PerfectBee Store

Over the last few years, PerfectBee has been honored to serve the needs of an ever-increasing number of hobbyist beekeepers, with thousands now trusting us with their (very much appreciated) business. Since day one - back in 2015 - I have always had the objective of offering a wide range of quality products, providing awesome customer service and all with fair, simple and transparent pricing.

In short, we respect and value our customers. And so, continuing that theme, I'd like to inform you of some big changes to the PerfectBee Store.

We have always run an open, transparent ship here at PerfectBee (if you will excuse the broken metaphor). So, we have no qualms about telling you that in a three week period ("joyfully" just after we launched our Academy Course - just to keep us busy!), we lost two major suppliers, who independently announced they were going out of business. This was rather the surprise, not least the proximity of these announcements, especially since our largest supplier had been in business for over 30 years.

However, where others see challenges, we see opportunity!

I am therefore pleased to announced that we have formed a new and exciting relationship with a very well-established supplier, here in the US (they have been in business for well over a decade) - and one that shares our values around delivering excellent customer service.

And there's some particularly good news about this change.


Across all of our suppliers, we anticipate improved ship times.

Many in-stock orders will ship from a warehouse within 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), though this may vary during times of very high demand.

We will communicate well too.

  • We will eMail your tracking number as as soon it is available
  • We'll contact you if we learn of any significant delays.

In short, we'll do what we can to get your order on its way to you quickly and efficiently and we'll communicate well if/when there are any delays


For those of you who have kindly ordered from the PerfectBee Store in the past you will know that we have focused a great deal of attention in keeping shipping costs simple, fair and low.

We are therefore proud of our unique "$10 or nothing!" approach to shipping costs*We offer the lowest shipping costs available to the hobbyist beekeeper.

  • If your order is below $75 you will play a flat $10.
  • And if it's $75 or's totally free!

It's that simple! Go ahead and check us against our esteemed competition, particularly when their free shipping level kicks in - we think you will be pleased.

* Contiguous US states only


We are almost done* with completing our new product catalog at the PerfectBee Store, with a new range of excellent products. From our Premium Collection to a full range of starter kitsLansgtroth hives and boxes, from accessories and tools and treatments and supplements and protective clothing...we offer great products at a great price.

ALL of our suppliers are here in the US - so when you buy a hive or a box, for example, you can fly the flag and know it's come from a reliable and accountable source. And, obviously, your order will always ship from the US. But you knew that anyway!

And don't forget to compare "total price" - make sure you factor in our highly competitive shipping plan (see above) and the price you pay to get it in your hands!

We're still adding products, so keep an eye open for more soon!


It's always been my dream and mission to create a business built on strong principles of trust, integrity and transparency and with a sincere respect for all customers. I know that when you spend your money with us, you are placing your trust in us. We are honored when you do and for that reason awesome customer service is essential to us.

So, yes, we truly, totally and sincerely value every single customer we have. We like to know your name! When it comes to the time to order your beekeeping supplies, we will do everything we can to delight you! Give us a shot and let us prove that to you.

There is a lot going on here at PerfectBee - and it's all good! We hope you will consider the PerfectBee Store for your beekeeping supplies.

If you have any questions at all, please send us a message here.

Happy Beekeeping

Mark Williams, Founder

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