Buzz Rewards Program

What Are Buzz Rewards?

Simple! You earn Buzz Points as you interact with PerfectBee in various ways. You can then redeem these for discounts at the PerfectBee Store.

With our many ways to earn and VIP Tiers, we believe Buzz Rewards is the most generous loyalty program available to beekeepers. Oh, did we mention it’s totally free?

Use Buzz Points to Save on….

Beehives, accessories, tools, protective clothing and more.

Earning Points

Create an Account

250 Buzz Points, right there!

Spend At The Store

$1 = 1 Buzz Point

Refer A Friend

250 Buzz Points for You, 10% Off For A Friend

Share Us on Facebook

Share us and we’ll share 50 Buzz Points

Share on Twitter

100 Buzz Points winging to you

Redeeming Points

Redeeming Buzz Points is easy. Just logon to your account and redeem one of the following coupons. We’ll generate a discount code you can immediately apply at checkout.

  • $25 = 2500 Buzz Points
  • $50 = 5000 Buzz Points
  • $100 = 10000 Buzz Points

Want Quicker? Check Out VIP Tiers

Remember we said you’d pick up 1 Buzz Point for each dollar spent? Once you earn enough Buzz Points we’ll make you a VIP, first at the Silver Level and then at Gold Level. A quicker way to forage…

Bronze: 0 – 999 – 1 Buzz Point per Dollar Spent

Silver: 1000 – 1999  – 2 Buzz Points per Dollar Spent

Gold: 2000+ – 4 Buzz Points per Dollar Spent

How To Get Started

Easy again!

Just head over to the PerfectBee Store, register for free (250 Buzz Points right there!) and then start building those Buzz Points.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you….

Visit The PerfectBee Store

The Not-So-Small Print

Why make it small print when we have nothing to hide? It is our sincere intent to make Buzz Rewards as fair as we can. Here are the things you should know about our simple, transparent and honest rewards program.

How Do I Redeem Buzz Points To Save Money?

  • Logon at the PerfectBee Store
  • Click the PerfectBee Buzz Rewards popup (bottom right in the store web page)
  • Select the Rewards tab
  • Choose the coupon you’d like to redeem, based on the number of Buzz Points you have accumulated
  • We will pop up a discount code that you can apply at checkout (we will also eMail you a copy, for safe keeping)
  • Find your products, head to the checkout and use the discount code. Simple!

For reference, here’s what you will see on the Rewards tab.

Buzz Rewards Tab

When I Move Up To The Silver or Gold Tiers How Long Do I Stay There?

We calculate your tier based on the number of Buzz Points you have earned in the last year.

How Much Does It Cost And What Is the Maximum Number of Buzz Points

No cost! No maximum!

Nice, eh?

Can You Use Buzz Points With Other Discount Coupons?

Afraid not. But you CAN apply them to purchases of products that are on sale.

How Do I Register For Birthday Buzz Points?

To joyfully send your Birthday Buzz Points, we’ll need you to tell us your birthday a month in advance. If we miss that, we’ll get you next year!

This Is Just One Of Those Schemes To Sell My Information To Someone, Right?

Categorically – nope! We never have and we never will.

We respect your privacy. This is our gentle offering to thank you and offer you a further incentive to shop with and stay with PerfectBee for your beekeeping supplies.