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Winter 2021/22 Q&A Webinars

We are scheduling a series of Q&A webinars with our PerfectBee Ambassadors, as part of our 2021/22 Through-the-Winter Event. These webinars are available to all Colony members

We have one webinar* lined up for each of the three courses and Colony members can click below to register for each of these upcoming webinars (recordings of the webinars will be available to all members within 24 hours).

The intent of these webinars is to cover some additional questions that often come up - and also a few that don’t, but stimulate some rather interesting discussions! Members are invited to use the
PerfectBee Contact form to submit any questions they would like raised. All webinars commence at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.

Through-the-Winter Kickoff Webinar
Recording Available
In this kickoff/introductory webinar we introduce you to the many resources and events we have planned for our Winter Event.

We describe how to access the Colony Dashboard, learning with the PerfectBee Academy courses, Colony Cluster, our Winter Event webinars, accessing the Colony Forum and much more.

We recommend that all new members watch this Kickoff Webinar to make the most of their Colony benefits.

Learn About Bees
Nov 18th 2021
In the first Q&A webinar of our series, we look at the amazing world of the honey bee. Ambassadors will be on hand to discuss fascinating questions about our bees.

We also build a bridge between the bee and the beekeeper by looking at the role of the beekeeper.
Your Beehive
Dec 15th 2021
In this webinar we look at the very practical aspects of deciding on your first beehives, installing them and introducing your bees to their new home.

We will cover that wonderful time when you start your first beehive and the first inspection.
A Healthy Beehive
Jan 12th 2022
In our final webinar, it’s all about the health of your bees . We’ll look at the many threats to bees and the options available to beekeepers to prevent problems or recover when they occur.

We’ll wrap up with a look at the many rewards of beekeeping.

* Note : PerfectBee Academy features over 100 beekeeping lessons, across 9 sections. Each section has an associated webinar, for a total of over 11 hours. These webinars are intended to augment the lessons in the associated section. Academy Webinars are available to members from the Colony dashboard and distinct from the Q&A webinars below.

A community for the hobbyist beekeeper, helping you build your beekeeping knowledge, engage and share with other beekeepers and save on bee supplies and equipment.
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