PerfectBee Academy

PerfectBee Academy, included in our Colony Membership, is a series of three complimentary courses, all intended to help you setup your beehives and maintain healthy colonies.

Learn About Bees

In this course we look at the incredible bee, as essential knowledge for any successful beekeeper.

1.2 The Life of Bees

1.3 About Beekeeping

Closed feeding bees

2: Your Beehive

A highly-practical course, looking at hives, accessories, equipment - and installing your bees!

2.1 Beehives and Accessories

2.2 Equipment and Clothing

2.3 Setting Up Your Beehive


3: A Healthy Beehive

This course focuses on how you can help your bees keep themselves healthy and thriving!

3.1 Threats To Bees

3.2 Inspecting Your Beehive

3.3 Reaping the Rewards