PerfectBee Beekeeping Columns

Multiple Colored HivesBeekeeping is an always-changing, fun, exciting, controversial, scientifically-fascinating hobby! And the learning never stops.

PerfectBee believes that constantly being exposed to many perspectives and ideas is the best approach for the new beekeeper – and, indeed, the experienced beekeeper! For this reason, we offer a number of columns focused on different aspects of beekeeping.

A New Beekeeper’s Journal

Beekeeping, through the eyes of a new beekeeper, Keith, as he goes from curiosity about the fascinating world of bees to the point where he’s up and running – as a beekeeper.

Newbee Questions, Expert Answers

Follow the progress of a new beekeeper as he starts with his first beehive and receives guidance from an experienced beekeeper. This question – by design – asks the not-so-stupid questions that no-one else wants to ask!

Outside The Swarm

Questioning “group speak” and encouraging critical, informed thinking. That’s the focus of this column, helping you ask the right questions as you consider your beekeeping challenges.