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Nectar Detector

Takes the guesswork out of determining if one hive is heavier than another.
Nectar Detector


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This handy hand held device is used to measure the weight of a hive along the centerline. The scale displays the effort it takes (pounds) to raise the back of the hive. It has an effective range of 20 lbs. to 250 lbs. The scale directly displays weight in pounds, revealing relative changes in weight as compared to prior weights. You now have a number to compare and record. When you check again you will know for sure the change of weight of your hive.

Weigh all hives in a yard before inspecting, and use the relative change in each weight as an indicator of which hives need inspecting.

Weigh your hives on a regular basis in winter, and you can avoid starvation. Continue to weigh hives in spring to detect when each of your blooms begin and end, helping you super accordingly. Continue weighing hives to see when the honey flow ends, and when harvesting to estimate honey yields. When feeding, weigh hives to assure that you have fed enough, and that all hives are gaining weight.

Hint: When using with BeeMax hives we recommend you place a wood or metal shim under the section of hive you are lifting. This will help prevent indentations in the hive.