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10 Frame Insulated Top Cover


Gives your hive extra insulation and protection against the rain and wind.

Featuring 1 inch of R5 foam insulation, this durable cover will last years, while protecting your hive from both hot sunny days and cold winter days. The rim is deep enough to cover a standard or deep inner cover, and has a notch on both ends to ensure the inner cover notch is not blocked. The metal cover is the same durable 26 gauge galvanized steel used on our standard telescoping cover.

Our Outer Covers are constructed with a 26 gauge galvanized metal. This is much better than the 30 gauge, which is the standard at other stores.  However, we have found that the 30 guage tears very easily and does not last nearly as long. This cover is super strong, as all beehive covers should be.

This cover fits 10 frame wooden hives, and does not fit BeeMax or Lyson hives.


  • 22” long x 18-1/8” wide x 3-1/2” high (10 frame hives)
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