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Cedar Gabled Hive Top

A beautiful option for an aesthetically pleasing yet functional hive top.



This beautiful hive top is enjoyed by many beekeepers with a focus on the aesthetic, as well as functional, aspects of their beehives.

The roof and ridge cap are constructed with long-lasting cedar. Includes a screened ventilation hole on each end, plus two screened ventilation holes on the underside. These help to vent excess moisture. Also includes a decorative facia and box-jointed corners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jim McLaughlin
Great Design

The roof is both attractive and functional. It has a slight gap in the soffit area that should allow moisture to escape the hive in the winter. This should be better for the cluster in the winter. Thanks for having this roof option.

Kerry Reeves
Beautiful hive roof

Excellent construction and craftsmanship. I am ordering another one!

David A
Cedar Gabled Roof

This is a good addition to my hives. It is made well and looks great!

elle peterson
My fav hive top yet

very well made, love the ventilation that I didn't get with competitor's models. This is a great top!

Cherylen Maier
Love this roof! Looks beautiful

Very pretty.makes the beehive look like a home.. purchased 2 of these and painted with 2 coats paint. Provides great rain protection.

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