Learn Beekeeping This Winter

With the PerfectBee Through-The-Winter Course

Underway now until January 31st 2021

Always wanted to learn Beekeeping?

There's no better time!

PerfectBee has offered our online beekeeping course for several years and, with the situation today, there's never been a better time to learn.

Aside from the obvious benefits - helping the environment, pollinating your garden, the beauty of bees, glorious honey and more - it's a hobby that can be fully enjoyed from the safety of your own home.

Our unique and detailed online syllabus prepares you to confidently install your first beehive.

Here are some highlights:
  • Our detailed Academy beekeeping syllabus
  • 9 live webinars to learn and ask questions
  • Support through the Colony Forum
  • Access to PerfectBee Ambassadors
  • Check your progress with tests, to earn certificates
  • Move at your own pace
  • Learn from home and stay safe
  • Discounts at the PerfectBee Store
  • ...and much more
Beekeeper using smoker

How Does It Work?

Our Through-The-Winter course is a part of our popular Colony membership. Colony is a low-cost, friendly and valuable membership specifically for hobbyist beekeepers.

With members with all levels of beekeeping experience - including those planning their first beehives - Colony helps beekeepers start and then learn.

How do I get started?

It's easy and simple. Just join Colony and we'll get you going!

You will have immediate access to our Colony resources and can join all our webinars over the winter too.
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How much does it cost?

We have priced this for the hobbyist beekeeper! It's just $9.99 per month or $99 for a full year.

What if I miss an event?

We get it - sometimes life gets in the way! So while we hope you can join us for our webinars, we'll be making the recordings available to all Colony members soon after.

You won't miss a thing!

Prepare For Your First Bees!

All of this is included in your Colony membership
(And did we mention members also receive a 5% discount on everything at the PerfectBee Store - even items on sale!)


Academy Course

Our detailed, structured and easy-to-absorb syllabus, featuring three extensive courses with over 100 online lessons.

Test Yourself

A test at the end of each section (nine in all) and a certificate to print at the end of each of the three courses in Academy.

Go At Your Own Pace

Learn on your schedule and at a comfortable pace.


Academy Webinars

A structured, easy-to-absorb course, featuring over 100 lessons.
As well as our 9 Through-The-Winter scheduled webinars, we deliver other webinars through the year.

Colony Cluster

Our unique online beekeeping meeting - beekeepers helping beekeepers. Ask your questions, in real-time, to our PerfectBee Ambassadors.


Colony Forum

Discuss, ask, help! Colony Forum is a safe and friendly place to ask your beekeeping questions online and engage with other beekeepers.

PerfectBee Ambassadors

Benefit from the knowledge and insight of our wonderful Ambassadors, who bring years of experience to help members in forums, webinars are more

Academy Winter Webinar Schedule

3 Courses, 9 sections, 9 tests and 3 certificates! Our Academy syllabus takes you through all you need to know to confidently install your first beehive next spring.

Our 100+ online lessons are supported by a total of 9 live webinars.
(After live delivery, recordings of webinars are available to Colony members via the Colony Dashboard)

Learn About Bees

Start by building a rich and fascinating understanding of the amazing honey bee.
Webinar Schedule
The Science of Bees
Recording Published
The Life of Bees
Recording Published
About Beekeeping
Recording Published

Your Beehive

Choose your hive, choose your equipment and choose your bees. Then get started!
Webinar Schedule
Beehives & Accessories
Recording Published
Equipment & Clothing
Recording Published
Starting Your Beehive
Recording Published

A Healthy Beehive

Installing your first beehive is just the start. Here's how to keep healthy colonies.
Webinar Schedule
Threats to Bees
Recording Published
Inspecting Your Beehive
Jan 15th
Reaping The Rewards
Jan 26th

Frequently Asked Questions

What and How Will I Learn?

Yes! By joining Colony, following our Academy Course and engaging in the Colony Forum you will be able to confidently install your first beehives next spring!

Just add equipment and bees!
Absolutely. Some members like to buzz through our course at a rapid pace! Others like to gradually view our online lessons, do a little research and generally take their time. In short...it's up to you.

We do have one small requirement! At the end of each of the 9 sections (3 in each course) we challenge you with a test! You will need to pass that test to move on to the next section.

Why? Because we want to ensure you earn the 3 course certificates that you will earn at the end of each course! Our members love these, print them out and put them on a wall!
So are most of our members! We're big supporters of joining a local beekeeping club but our members have discovered that Colony is entirely complimentary.

We're "open all hours", you can learn and engage on your own schedule and, in these challenging times, you can do so entirely from the safety of your own home.
No problem. While our live webinars provide the opportunity to ask your questions in real-time, all webinars are recorded and made available online.

Like we said....on your own schedule!

Joining Colony

How about now? On joining Colony you will have immediate access to the Academy course, the Colony Forum, recordings of all our past webinars and Clusters and much more.

The schedule for the Through-The-Winter Course Webinars are above and we will send you invitations to join as we move through the course.
We don't do smallprint or gotchas! We like easy, simple and transparent.

After you sign up you can cancel at any time. We'll honor your membership till the end of your billing period (monthly or annual), of course. You can cancel from your Member Dashboard and you don't need to contact anyone.

We just respect you that way!
Of course. While our Customer Service team is always happy to help in any way we can, for beekeeping questions you will find the Colony Forum to be a wonderfully friendly and helpful corner of the Internet!
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Join Colony Now And Learn Through The Winter

We offer two lost-cost ways to join Colony. Select the plan that is right for you.


$9.99 per Month
Academy Syllabus
Tests and Certificates
Academy Webinars
Colony Forum
Member Store Discount
Colony Cluster*
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$99 Per Year
All Benefits In Colony Monthly
Two Months Free

(12 months for the price of 10)

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* Colony Cluster resumes in February 2021, after the 9 Course Webinars