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Your online beekeeping sidekick - LEARN with PerfectBee, ENGAGE with other beekeepers and SAVE money at our store.

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PerfectBee Academy

PerfectBee Academy is a rich and detailed online beekeeping education, to prepare you fully for your first beehive With 90 great lessons, over three structured courses, PerfectBee Academy is a rich source of information for beekeeper.

PerfectBee Academy also features 9 webinars (with recordings available). And we’ll test you with 9 challenging tests – and a certificate of completion at the end of each course.

PerfectBee Academy is our Through-The-Winter education for beekeepers ready to start in the spring. It is being published from Nov 1st 2018 to Jan 31st 2019. Once all lessons are published, all lessons and related material will remain online for Colony members to reference and enjoy.

Colony Webinars

Our fun and informative Colony Webinars are a unique and fun way to learn more about beekeeping, with presentations on important topics by experienced beekeepers.

As well as great presentations, we’ll have a little fun along the way with in-webinar polls and ample time for Q&A.

Bees facing each other

Colony Cluster

A unique, fun and enjoyable way to discuss all-things-beekeeping. Register for a Colony Cluster event, kick off your webcam and join us for an informal discussion about….well, you decide.

Colony Cluster is an online beekeeping meeting and a great way to video chat and make some new friends.

Unlike Colony Webinars, numbers are limited to these events to ensure everyone has a chance to participate.

Colony FaceBook Group

Beekeeping clubs are awesome. Mentors are great. And we recommend them both. But what about that evening when you’re online and just have to ask a question?

The members-only Colony Facebook Group is an “open all hours”, friendly and engaging place to ask your beekeeping questions, post images of your hives and interact with other beekeepers.

Come on in – you’ll find a warm welcome and some great beekeeping discussions.

Cedar Langstroth with WIndows

Savings at the Store

The PerfectBee Beekeeper’s Store offers a wide range of hives, accessories, tools, clothing, treatments, supplements and more.

Your Colony membership provides you with a discount coupon for 5% off your entire order – even for products that are already on sale

And annual members ALSO get a $15 single-use coupon.

Go Annual, Get More!

We dig all our members – but annual members get some special love!

  • Two months free membership – that’s 12 months for the price of 10!
  • A single-use $15 coupon for use at the PerfectBee Store (as well as the 5% discount on all orders)


Choose The Colony Plan For You

Colony Monthly

$14.99 per month

  • PerfectBee Academy
  • 5% Everyday Coupon
  • Colony Webinars
  • Colony Facebook Group

Colony Annual

$149 per year

  • $15 Single-Use Coupon
  • 5% Everyday Coupon
  • PerfectBee Academy
  • Colony Webinars
  • Colony Facebook Group

Note: Coupons cannot be combined with other coupons, but can be applied to items on sale.


Frequently Asked Questions

After subscribing, we’ll send you a link to the Colony Facebook group. Request access from there and within 24 hours (often much quicker) we’ll approve you to the group. Enjoy!

Because we’re so appreciative if you do! And to show that, we will give you two months Colony membership for free.

A pretty sweet deal, eh?

As a Colony Member, when you place an order on the PerfectBee Store you have access to a coupon providing you with your member discount (one coupon per order).

Simply create an account at our Store (you may have such an account already). Within 24 hours you will have access to your coupons (generally sooner)!

We have just a few common sense guidelines, to keep our group welcoming, respectful and fun.

PerfectBee reserves the right to remove access to anyone who does not follow our simple “guidelines of civility”. No refunds will be given in such situations – but we’ve never had to do this!

Our guidelines are here.

Of course! It’s important to us that you enjoy your membership.

So if you wish to cancel your membership, just navigate to your members area and select (wait for it….) Cancel – and we will not bill you at the end of your billing cycle. 

It’s that easy and you don’t need to get on the phone with anyone and sacrifice a chicken to cancel your membership! Remember, the PerfectBee mantra is to be clear, open, transparent and fair.

PS: You will continue to enjoy access to all your membership benefits until the end of your current billing cycle.