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Our Introductory Syllabus Includes...

Course 1

Learn About Bees

All successful beekeepers have a keen awareness of the amazing honeybee! In our first course, we drill deep into the incredible science and life of the bee.

Then we look at how beekeeping relates to this wonderful creature.

Course 2

Your Beehive

A heavily practical course! We introduce you to the types of beehives in common use today and how they might best suit your specific needs.

We cover tools, accessories, clothing and much more. Then we discover that great moment when you obtain and install your first bees!

Course 3

A Healthy Beehive

Bees do a great job keeping a healthy colony. But it's also important that the beekeeper has a good sense of when things might go bad!

We look at how we can help our bees help themselves. And we finish with a look at the rewards beekeeping offers!

Course 1 : Learn About Bees

Our first course prepares you for beekeeping with a close and fascinating look at the amazing honey bee.​

Section 1.1

The Science of Bees

Why Bees Rock
The Diversity of Bees
How Honey Bees Reproduce
The Process Of Pollination
The Secrets Of Honeycomb
Why Bees Can't Fl

Section 1.2

The Life of Bees

How Bees Sense The World
Inside And Out Of The Hive
Why And How Bees Forage
How Do Bees Make Honey?
Why And How Bees Swarm

Section 1.3

About Beekeeping

Beekeeping With Kids
Finding Clubs And Mentors
Top Beekeeping Books

Course 2 : Your Beehive

Building on our first course, Your Beehive is all about the practical details of beekeeping.

Section 2.1

Beehive and Accessories

A Practical Guide
What Bees Need
What Beekeepers Need
Common Types Of Beehive
Setting Up A Beehive

Section 2.2

Equipment And Clothing

Beekeeping With A Smoker
Protective Clothing
Tools For Beekeepers

Section 2.3

Starting Your Beehive

Questions To Answer First
Installing Your Beehive
Obtaining Bees For A Beehive
Practical Guidance To Start Your Beehive
The Beehive Inspection
Beekeeping Advocacy
Involving Family And Friends

Course 3 : A Healthy Beehive

Installing a beehive is just the start. In our final course we delve into what it takes to help your bees maintain a healthy beehive.

Section 3.1

Threat To Bees

The Thriving Colony
Colony Collapse Disorder
The Main Threats To Bees
The Threat Of Robbing

Section 3.2

Inspecting Your Beehive

Big Issues To Check
Avoiding Swarms
Cross Comb
Managing Hive Capacity
A Beekeeper FAQ

Section 3.3

Reaping The Rewards

The Tangible Rewards
To The Start of Beekeeping

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