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With healthy, happy bees it's time to turn your attention to your own rewards from beekeeping! One of many is the joy of extracting and enjoying honey.

But don't forget the attractions of beeswax and pollen too. Our range of extraction products provide you with the tools you need when it's time to enjoy the fruits of your bees labor.

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  • 2 Frame Extractor Leg Kit

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  • 60lb Tank and Gate

    60 lb Tank and Gate

    $29.99 $27.89
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  • Bee Quick

    Bee Quick

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  • Bee-Go


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  • Beeswax block

    Beeswax Block

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  • Bottling Tank Kit 50L

    Bottling Tank Kit 50L

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  • Cold Uncapping Knife

    $29.99 $27.89
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  • Deluxe Manual Refractometer

    $84.99 $79.04
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  • Double Sieve

    Double Sieve

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  • Bee Escape

    Escape Screen

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  • Four Frame Combo Extractor

    Four Frame Combo Extractor

    $425.00 $395.25
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  • Fume Board

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  • Heated Uncapping Knife

    $129.99 $120.89
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  • Honey Filter Cone and 5 Gallon Tank

    Honey Filter Cone and 5 Gallon Tank

    $41.99 $39.05
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  • Honey Sieve & 5 Gallon Tank

    Honey Sieve and 5 Gallon Tank

    $59.99 $55.79
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  • Honey Super Warmer

    Honey Super Warmer

    $499.00 $464.07
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