PerfectBee Academy
PerfectBee Academy is our extensive beekeeping syllabus. Across three detailed courses, our free lessons help you decide of beekeeping is right for you. Our Colony lessons take you to the point where you can confidently install your first hives....and beyond. Click here to learn more about Academy.
What is Academy?
Academy is a detailed beekeeping syllabus, focused on helping the hobbyist beekeeper start, maintain and enjoy beekeeping.
The structure of Academy builds knowledge, acrosss three courses, nine nine sections and over 100 lessons. There are two types of lessons in Academy - open and member-only.

Open Lessons: For those not quite sure if beekeeping is right for them (but have a keen interest!), our open lessons provide all you need to understand what is involved in beekeeping, so you can make your own decision.

Member-Only Lessons: These lessons are focused on extending your knowledge to the point where, if you are a new beekeeper or beekeeper-to-bee, you can confidently install your first beehives! And you are already a beekeeper we are confident you will find plenty of great information to extend your beekeeping knowledge.

How Do I Become a Member?
Academy is just one part - albeit an important one! - of our Colony Membership for Hobbyist Beekeepers. Colony is a helpful, friendly community for those starting in beekeeping or who wish to engage and learn from other beekeepers (including our very experienced PerfectBee Ambassadors). To learn more about joining Colony just click here.