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Winter? Already? No - but don't get caught out!
Though we might still experience warm days, our bees are hard at work preparing for the cold months ahead. Get ahead and help them out, by planning with our Winter Care products (while stocks last).
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Announcing the Ultimate Direct Feeder
Now our top-selling feeder, this 3-season feeder outperforms others for Spring, Fall and Winter feeding, regardless of the weather; all without disturbing the bees or the hive
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For Hobbyist Beekeepers
Learn Beekeeping With PerfectBee
Everything you need to learn, start and enjoy your beekeeping, then engage with other beekeepers. Check out our unique Colony Community For Hobbyist Beekeepers.
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Protective Clothing
Stay cool with your bees this summer with our high-quality ventilated bee suits, jackets, gloves, veils and more.
Cedar Gabled Roof
Make it beautiful and functional with our Cedar Gabled Roof to showcase your bees.
Formic Pro
The latest generation of certified organic Varroa mite treatments and the popular alternative to MiteAway QuickStrips.

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Your bees never stop as the year progresses, even in the winter. Don't be caught napping. Check out the PerfectBee Store for all you need to support your bees.
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PerfectBee Colony : for beekeepers, by Beekeepers

PerfectBee Colony is a unique and rich membership for hobbyist beekeepers.

Colony features benefits to help you learn (or learn more!) about your beekeeping, engage with other beekeepers and save money on your beekeeping supplies.

And best of all, Colony is a wonderful and friendly community of beekeepers, all helping each other to enjoy their bee passion!

Let PerfectBee Ambassadors Help!

Colony members enjoy access to our wonderful PerfectBee Ambassadors.

These highly experienced beekeepers, from across the country, participate in the Colony Forum answering questions from Colony members and, in the process, saving bees!

Ambassadors also attend our regular Colony Cluster online meetings, where Colony members can get their beekeeping questions answered in real time.

What they are saying...

Love the layout and ease of placing an order. But the customer service was amazing. Thank you.
Store Customer
My comment is Wow!!!! This first Lesson is incredible! Thank you for your generosity :-)
Colony Member
Ok, wow, thank you! You guys continue to blow me away with your customer service!
Store Customer
We had a small issue but customer support stepped in before I noticed and resolved the problem. 
Store Customer
A community for the hobbyist beekeeper, helping you build your beekeeping knowledge, engage and share with other beekeepers and save on bee supplies and equipment.
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