Learn beekeeping over the winter and install your first hives next spring
Join our 6th Annual Through the Winter Beekeeping Event to learn and prepare to start beekeeping - confidently.

There is an ever-growing interest in the importance and joys of beekeeping. Our event is an at-your-own-pace, from-your-own-home opportunity to start  as beekeeper!

Over 5 years, we have been honored to help thousands to start learning and enjoy their beekeeping passion.

Why not you?
What Is Our Winter Event?
PerfectBee Colony is a welcoming and valuable community for the hobbyist beekeeper. We have introduced thousands to the wonderful world beekeeping.

From our start in 2015 we’ve proudly offered our Through-the-Winter Beekeeping Event, which runs from Nov 1st to Jan 31st each year. Why the winter?

Our winter event is focused on those looking to start beekeeping next spring. As well as all the benefits of Colony membership, our winter events are included in Colony membership at no additional cost (Colony members have access to many benefits to support their beekeeping, year-round).

We'll introduce you to the mind-blowing science of bees and how they live their extraordinary lives. We'll explain your beehive options as well as covering tools, equipment and clothing.

We will help you understand the threats bees face, as well as the steps you can take as a beekeeper to combat those threats. And we'll explain how to get the most out of every hive inspection.

All that before we even get to the beautiful rewards of beekeeping!

As well as our extensive Academy beekeeping syllabus, enjoy our winter webinars, regular beekeeping newsletters, the Colony Forum, access to our PerfectBee Ambassadors and much more.

Join hundreds of others learning with us through the winter - and be ready to confidently install your first beehives next spring!
How It Works
It’s simple, quick and easy to start
1. Join our Colony community
2. Register for our winter webinars
3. Learn with PerfectBee Academy
4. Pass tests and earn certificates
5. Ask questions in Colony Forum
6. Install Your First Beehives
What's Included?
Academy Beekeeping Syllabus
3 courses. 9 Sections. 9 Tests. 3 Certificates of Completion. And over 100 lessons!

Our highly popular beekeeping syllabus builds your knowledge, step-by-step. In your own time and from your home.
Colony Cluster
Your chance to join our live webinars and put your questions to our Ambassadors. We take questions from beekeepers of all levels of experience - including  those planning their first beehives.

Don't be shy - it's a lot of fun!
Colony Forum
Join like-minded hobbyist beekeepers in our online community forum.

The Colony Forum is a friendly, welcoming and very encouraging place to ask your beekeeping questions.
PerfectBee Ambassadors
We arehonored to have our Ambassadors lend their many years of experience to the Colony community.

Always encouraging, always helpful our Ambassadors have helped so many members!
Winter Webinars
Over the winter months we deliver our Academy-based webinars, where our Ambassadors are on hand to discuss and answer questions.
PerfectBee Store Discounts
When it comes time to purchase your hives, equipment, clothing, treatments and more....well, we all like to save a little money!

Colony members enjoy an additional 5% off all products in the PerfectBee Store (no small print!)
A Note About Our Webinars
Our live webinars are a wonderful opportunity to post questions to our experienced PerfectBee Ambassadors in real time. However, we realize that life happens and so the recordings of all webinars and all Colony Cluster events are available to Colony members soon after the live event. They remain available at all times, while Colony membership is maintained. You won't missing a thing!
Scheduled Winter Events
Kickoff Webinar
Recording Available on Member Dashboard
Our first webinar covers the many benefits available to Colony members. We introduce PerfectBee Academy and show you how to start working through the lessons, including tracking your progress and earning your Certificates of Completion.

We introduce you to the Colony Forum, Colony Cluster and other Colony benefits, including your member-only discounts at the PerfectBee Store.
Learn About Bees
On member dashboard
Your Beehive
On member dashboard
A Healthy Beehive
On member dashboard
Academy Courses
Our highly-popular Academy Beekeeping Syllabus includes three detailed courses, featuring over 100 lessons, building your knowledge as you move through each one.

The 3 sections in each course include easy-to-read lessons and end with a challenging test (note : students must pass each sectional test to open access to the subsequent section).

Students enjoy the go-at-your-own pace style of our courses, as well as the certificates sent at the end of each course (3 in all).
1. Learn About Bees
Q&A Webinar Available on Dashboard
In our first course we focus on the amazing world of the bee. We start a look at the science and nature that we see in the extraordinary honeybee. Then we look at the lives they live, both in and away from the hive. For the final section of this course, we build a bridge from the bee to the beekeeper.
The Science of Bees
All successful beekeepers have a keen awareness of the amazing honeybee! In our first section, we drill deep into topics like reproduction, genetics, pollination and more.
The Life of Bees
The life of the bee is a real eye-opener! From how they forage to the remarkable creation of honey, we cover it all. Essential knowledge for all beekeepers.
About Beekeeping
In this final section, we build a bridge between the bee and the beekeeper, looking at the many factors to consider as you kick off your new passion.
Your Beehive
Q&A Webinar Available on Dashboard
A heavily practical course! We introduce the types of beehives in common use today and how they might best suit your specific needs. We cover tools, accessories, clothing and much more. Then we discover that great moment when you obtain and install your first bees!
Beehives & Accessories
Obtaining and installing your first beehives is an exciting time! We will walk you through the essential decisions you will make as you start out as a beekeeper.
Equipment & Clothing
A smoker, feeders, a hive tool and more. You will need a few items beyond your beehives. And don't forget your protective clothing! We outline your options in this section.
Starting Your Beehive
It's time to install your  bees in their new home! We explain where to obtain them and how to install them. We also cover what to look for during your first inspection.
A Healthy Beehive
Q&A Webinar Available on Dashboard
Bees do a great job keeping a healthy colony. But it's also important that the beekeeper has a good sense of when things might go bad! We look at how we can help our bees help themselves. And we finish with a look at the rewards beekeeping offers!
Threats to Bees
Bees face many threats, though they are capable of fending off many of them. But beekeepers need to understand these threats and take action where necessary.
Inspecting Your Beehive
The hive inspection is a glorious time when beekeepers learn so much. We drill down on the value and importance of each inspection and things to check.
Reaping The Rewards
It's all about the bees, for most beekeepers. But there are many wonderful rewards for beekeepers, well beyond the obvious one of glorious, sweet honey.
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