Small Jar Feeder

Add supplemental sugar syrup feed inside your hive, directly over the cluster, with this small jar feeder.


The small jar feeder works by securely holding a jar of syrup feed over the inner cover hole, directly above the cluster. The feeder’s opening will fit a regular mouth mason jar and lid, but please note that those are not included with this feeder.

Whether you’re using an 8 or 10-frame hive, you can fit four or more feeders close to the inner cover hole, feeding larger quantities at once. We also recommend having a deep hive body on hand to place on top of the inner cover to protect these feeders from potential robbers.


  • 4-3/4″ x 4-3/4″ x 13/16″ high

This small jar feeder works perfectly when combined with a mason jar and our Boardman feeder cap, find it here.

How to Feed Sugar Syrup:

Spring Feeding: Create a 1:1 syrup using 1 lb. sugar to 1lb. water (2 cups).

Fall Feeding: Make a 2:1 syrup using 2 lb. sugar per 1 lb. of water (2 cups).

Feeding Notes:

  • Sugar syrup is an excellent supplemental feed, especially when there is a nectar dearth or for newly established hives. Learn more about feeding honeybee colonies here.
  • When making sugar syrup, use the above ratios and heat the water and sugar together. The water must be very hot but not boiling to dissolve the sugar.
  • It is not recommended to feed sugar syrup during cold weather when bees are not able to take cleansing flights. Wait to add sugar syrup until it is consistently warm enough for bees to fly again.

Please Note: Jar and lid are not included. 

  • The feeder hole fits a regular mouth mason jar lid, sold separately (7cm)