Sure Grip Uncapping Fork

Whether uncapping drone frames to check for varroa mites or uncapping super frames full of honey, this uncapping fork can help!


Ideal for a beginner beekeeper or as a spare tool, the sure grip uncapping fork is a cost-effective option. It’s designed for light use and can reach areas an uncapping plane or knife can’t go, while scratching/lifting off wax during the uncapping process.



  • Colors may vary
  • If you use an uncapping fork as your sole tool for uncapping, try scratching all cappings open but do not remove the cappings completely. The honey will still be released during extraction, but you will have much less cappings to deal with later.
  • To check drone comb for the presence of varroa mites, simply move the fork parallel to the comb and you can easily lift out the white drone larvae and see any mites developing inside.