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6 Frame Nuc Hive Body

A deep "super" to add a second or third level to your 6 Frame Nuc Box.


Includes two latches, and comes unassembled and unpainted.

Customer Reviews

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Stefan Marshall
Lyson 6 frame NUC

A lot stronger than you might think. Quick easy assembly. Not too bad to paint. The latching system works great and my bees love going vertical. I also like the upper and lower hive vents. Yet still not a perfect world. Impacts will leave indents in the poly. Bees also like to build rouge comb in the lid if you don't used double bubble or a cloth liner. I use burlap with taped edges. Upper vents are plastic and come with a poly plug when not wanted or needed. ( Which could result in a game of hide and seek when needed.) I found that you can notch the back of the poly plug and it will slip into the plastic vent snugly. All said and done a great little hive and I run over a dozen 2 brood boxes and 2 honey supers My final thought, I don't use queen excluders and these come with plastic ones that seem to have been cut down from a 10 frame. Would bee sweet if you could get metal excluders specifically made for these units. They are very good .

Paul Heald
they're great!

My first try with the Lyson deep boxes! They looked good so I ordered more! Thanks Paul

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