BeeMax Complete Nuc

An assembled Complete Polystyrene Nuc Box, ideal for making early or late splits, transferring colonies, or increasing your apiary size.


With so many options for use, these complete nuc boxes are the perfect spring addition to your equipment line up. These sturdy, yet easy-to-handle polystyrene nuc boxes include a plastic lined entrance on one end, and a screened ventilation hole on both ends.

A hive portal with four sections (open, queen excluder, drone excluder, and vent-only) is used to control the entrance. Portal color chosen by manufacturer. This complete nuc is designed to allow for ease of feeding directly into the box.

Because the BeeMax® line of polystyrene hive components add an extra layer of protection for your bees through added insulation, colonies in BeeMax® equipment can expend less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature in the hive. This gives them more time and energy for the production of brood, foraging & food collection, and other tasks.