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Ventilated Jacket with Veil



Highly effective, comfortable ventilated beekeeping jacket and the one we use ourselves when tending our bees!

The Bee Breeze fabric in this fully ventilated jacket is comprised of three layers of mesh that allow you to remain cool during warmer temperatures yet protected from stings. Two outer layers of fine mesh sandwich a layer of larger gauged mesh to provide a thick yet light material which is difficult to sting through.

This beekeeping jacket also features four pockets and elastic cuffs at the sleeves. This jacket comes with a round veil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Happy beekeeper

Fare price, excellent quality, fast delivery


Deluxe Ventilated Jacket with Veil

Pretty cool...

The jacket is comfortable and fit well. The first time worn was a hot day with no wind so the jacket started out hot... but with the slightest breeze, the jacket cooled down immediately. Kind of like wearing a swamp cooler. Anyway my wife and I each have one and we like them. The bees seem to like them too.

Great jacket

After receiving the ventilated jacket I had to try it out right away. I have worn it a few times. It fits great, is comfortable, easy to put on and take off and is cool on hot days. I would recommend this to anyone dealing with bees in warm weather.

Keeps me much cooler

I bought this last year. I live in California and it gets super hot. I used to have a cotton jacket from Kellys but that wasn't ventilated and it got me very hot. I often cut hive inspections short because of this. The difference with this jacket is amazing. When I walk to my hive I can feel a little breeze on my arms. I have no idea how this stops stings but it does.

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