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Tie-Down Clear Vue Veil

Clear vue veil makes it easier to see your work in the beeyard.


Customer Reviews

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Sharon Davenport
Love this veil

I have been watching Kamon Reynolds wearing this veil in many of his videos. I did my reasearch and found that it was the clear view with a "cricket" style hat. The hat is what makes the difference. It is actually a hat that STAYS on your head. In additon you can even wear a ball cap, which in most of his videos Kamon wears under the veil.
The veil is so comfortable to wear and well contructed. Unfortunately now that Kelly Bees has merged with another company, this veil is harder to find which led me to perfect bee, where I found it at a resonable price for the quality product that it is.
Thank you perfect bee!

Jade Gross
Well constructed veil

Well unlike others there’s a single tie down loop in the front and back which lets you draw down veil to mid chest and between shoulder blades. Feels comfortable and well protected. If I was forced to complain about it I would say when veil is tied down you have decreased head movement left to right. Saying that I wouldn’t stop that from buying it.

Construction is very good and I really enjoy the rigid screen keeping it away from your head.

Packing was in oversized box with padding , which allowed veil to retain in normal size. Good product

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