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Apivar Strips

Contains Amatraz, a safe and effective synthetic pesticide that does not produce significant chemical residues.



Most effectively used before the honey flow or after honey supers are removed.

Hang two strips per brood chamber between frames. Leave in place for 42 days then remove. Honey supers should remain off the hive during the 42 day treatment period and for 14 days after strips are removed. Carefully read and follow all label directions for Apivar.

Treatment is recommended only after you determine your varroa mite count and know it is in excess of the treatment threshold.

Note: The manufacturer does not supply a long-dated product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Keith Stiles
Great price on almost the only treatment available in the south in summer

I use this treatment every late July, August, into September when it is removed. I place it after I harvest my honey supers and most of the time it successfully does the job. Positioning in the center of the brood nest is critical for maximal efficacy.

Allan Brown
Good price for good product

I use various varroa mite treatments based on condition and season. I've used Apivar for years and find it effective and dependable. I'm most likely to choose Apivar for post-harvest mite control.

Alana F.

My choice for mite management.

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