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Bee Muff

Allows beekeepers to place queens in push-in cages directly onto a frame of emerging brood without fear of losing the queen.



This bee muff has been designed to assist with the removal of attendant bees from queen cages, before the queen is introduced to the colony.  It also allows queen marking.  This muff is large enough to accommodate a deep frame (not included). The frame is easily placed in the queen muff by opening a large flap secured with Velcro.

This product also allows the beekeeper to easily install a push-in queen cage, to confine the queen on the frame of emerging brood. In practice, inside the bee muff the queen is removed from the shipping cage and confined - without bees - in a push-in cage over an area of nectar and emerging brood.

The frame with the attached push-in cage is placed back in the hive receiving the queen. Three or four days later, the queen can be released by removing the push-in cage. Push-in cages are one of the most successful means to introduce new queens.

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