TempQueen Queen Pheromone

Help keep a queenless colony queen-right for up to 3 weeks with these queen pheromone strips.


As every beekeeper knows, honeybees rely on pheromones to communicate among the colony. The Queen Mandibular Pheromone is released by bees in a hive that is queen-right. These plastic strips are infused with QMP and can be used to provide a temporary replacement for a queen in a hive or nuc without one. It can help to keep the colony content and discourage the development of laying workers until a replacement queen can be provided to the colony.

In queen rearing, you can also use TempQueen in queen mating nucs to help increase success by maintaining higher numbers of workers, as compared to untreated nucs.

Ensure to read and follow all instructions for use. Full instructions will be included when your order ships, but can also be found here.

Store lures in the freezer in an airtight plastic bag.