30 Feet Candle Wicking

Perfect for smaller batches of candles!


You’re a crafty candle maker with a need, high quality wicking to finish off your stellar candles. Our 100% cotton wicks, which burn clean and true, are just what you’re looking for!

Which Wick?

  • 1″ diameter tapers use 2/0 square braid or #2 wicking
  • Figures under 2″ wide use 1/0 square braid wicking
  • Votives/candles over 3″ wide use 51-32 zinc core wire
  • Votives/candles under 3″ wide use 44-24 zinc core wire or pre-assembled votive wicks
  • Wide figures/pillars over 3″ wide use 60 ply


  • Wicking sizes listed are for beeswax only. Other wax types may require a change in the wick size.
  • Though we offer suggested wicking guidelines, there is a matter of personal preference. We suggest trying a few different wick sizes to find what works best for you.


We recommend experimenting with your wax and wick to determine the best burn rate for your beeswax or candle making enterprise.