Beeswax Book

This beeswax informational book has been an informative source on beeswax for almost 30 years.


Ever been interested in learning about the beeswax your hive produces and different ways you can utilize it? This book is for you! From an in-depth look at the history of beeswax and its many uses, to a breakdown of its physical properties – this book will tell you everything you need to know about beeswax.

The Table of Contents of this book is as follows:

  • Beeswax: Natural wax vs. Synthetic wax; physical and chemical properties of beeswax; Wax secretion and comb construction
  • Grading and Economics of Beeswax
  • Harvesting Beeswax (collection and storage of wax cappings and refuse; Damage to beeswax in harvesting and storage and recovery methods for it)
  • Commercial Preparation of Beeswax for Market (Including: Clarification; Quality, source, and bleachability; Sun and chemical bleaching; and the packaging and disposition of beeswax)
  • Testing your Beeswax (Chemical and Physical tests)
  • Beeswax in Comb Foundation (History of foundation manufacturing; Commercial Methods for manufacturing; Beekeeper Methods; Cell orientation; reinforced foundation; Substitutes for comb and foundation; Industry overview and trends)
  • Beeswax Candles (Wicking, Religion, and Methods of Creation)
  • Beeswax in Art and Industry (“The Lost Wax Process”; Batik; Encaustic Painting; Beeswax Figures; Grafting Wax; Sealing Wax; Beeswax in Cosmetics)
  • Showing and Judging Beeswax (Molding wax blocks; Beeswax products; Judging beeswax and beeswax products)
  • Home Products (Car, floor, and furniture polish)

By William Coggshall & Roger A. Morse.