Bottling Tank Kit 50L

A single walled, unheated stainless steel tank with cover. Customizable with a handle, honey gate, and sieve.


Includes a built-in 1-1/4″ stainless steel honey gate which can be used to fill bottles or pails. Holds about 50L or 13 gallons of liquid, which equals about 150 lb of honey.

Tank measures 17″ tall and 16″ diameter.

Select handle option to get a bolt-on handle. The handle is handy for moving the tank if there is some honey in it (this is a two person job; not recommended to move if more than half full due to the weight).

Select the sieve option for a stainless sieve which drops inside the tank and hangs a few inches below the top of the tank. It is a relatively fine sieve at 25 wires per inches.

The Lyson honey bottling valve is also available for this tank. It bolts onto the honey gate base in place of the regular gate “flap” valve.