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Lyson Sump with Vertical Sieve

This sump removes wax from your honey making final straining quicker.



This 13 gallon stainless steel round sump with vertical sieves is great for removing large wax particles from your extractor's honey. No more need to have multiple buckets with double strainers slowing down the extraction process.

The vertical sieves keep particles away from the honey outlet. The wax floats to the top and can be scooped out when needed. The overflow pipe feeds a container for transport to your bottling tanks. The lower drain can be used to supply a pump and drain the sump after use.

The sieves are not fine enough to bottle directly off the sump. It is recommended that additional finer straining is completed before bottling.

Product Specifications:

Tank Capacity: 13 gallons (50 liters)
Tank height: 17 1/4"
Tank diameter: 16 3/8"
Clearance below outlet overflow: 15"
Over flow outlet: 1 1/2" sanitary fitting with honey gate
Bottom outlet: 1 1/2" sanitary fitting with honey gate
Sieve sizes: 3mm and 1 mm holes (approx 1/8" and 1/32")
Unit weight (empty): 14 pounds

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