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Lyson Manual 4 Frame Honey Extractor

Hand-cranked, stainless steel honey extractor holds 4 medium or 2 deep frames.


This durable extractor will last for many seasons and is an excellent machine for a beekeeper with a few hives.

Unlike other hand crank extractors, the handle is side mounted for more comfortable cranking. The 2019N uses a unique cast steel worm gear drive that allows the basket to freewheel without the handle spinning, and a brake that is applied by gentle backwards pressure on the crank (similar to a cruiser bicycle).

Includes drum with basket, clear acrylic cover, and steel legs. Note: This extractor is tangential.

The drum with basket is constructed of polished 25 gauge stainless steel. A rectangular stainless steel wire basket holds two or four frames. Honey is poured through a 1 ¼” stainless gate valve with o-ring seal.


  • 16” Diameter; 29” Tall (without legs)
  • This extractor can hold 2 deep Langstroth frames (9 1/8”), 4 medium Langstroth frames (6 ¼”), or 4 shallow Langstroth frames (5 3/8”).

Includes a 24 month warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mead Mann

I purchased the Lyson extractor as an upgrade from a plastic extractor. I never seemed to be able to crank the handle either long enough or fast enough to fully extract the frames. I researched other stainless steel extractors in the same price range and found that the Lyson tub and cage are constructed of stainless steel. Most other extractors in this price range only state that the tub is stainless steel. Also, the drive mechanism has steel, not plastic gears. The features that allow the handle to stop turning while the cage continues to spin or turn the handle backwards to stop the cage rotation is great. My Lyson extractor arrived well packaged and damage-free. Assembly and cleaning were straightforward. Made in Poland, not China!

John V.
Initial review: sturdy but concerned and untested

This is my initial review upon unpacking. Great packing and no shipping damage. Easy to take out of the box (2 people). Assembly a little challenging as the instructions are not great. If you are somewhat mechanically inclined you can infer from the not so great labeled photos. Instructions come in many languages and the English version is not well translated or documented. Initial impression: Well built solid stainless steel barrel and frames. Legs seem sturdy - we will see how well they stabilize at first extraction. Crank mechanism very smooth as well as the wire basket bearings. Reverse brake to stop spinning is great. Now for the concern: Upon initial washing with mild dish detergent I found several brown marks on one of the baskets that resemble rust. It did not scrape off like rust but it was clearly discolored and had a texture. It would not wash off and I did not want to mark up the finish so I did not use anything more that a non-scratch Scotch brand kitchen sponge. I am concerned about contaminants once I begin to put frames in and spin. I have not contacted the company just yet. It could be poor welding burns. Only time will tell. I would recommend this extractor based on initial unboxing but only time will tell. I will follow up with another review after extraction.


Great robust unit exactly what i expected worked flawlessly. Fast shipping Thanks perfectbee!

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