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Nylon Honey Gate


A heavy-duty 1 1/4″ honey gate to make your own honey tanks.

Comes with stainless steel hardware, an O-ring and gasket for a tight seal.

The 1 1/4” honey gate is the most popular size for bottling honey. It quickly turns the flow of honey on and off, making it extremely easy to fill your honey jars without the sticky mess.

Inside diameter: 1-1/4″
Outside diameter of threads: approx. 1-5/8″
Hole size to drill: 1-5/8″
Nominal thread size: NPS 1-1/4
O-ring size: ORING1 1.96″ OD x 1.72″ ID x 1/8″
Gasket size for thread seal: GASKET1 1-3/8″ ID

Note: You MUST USE ONLY food-approved, white plastic tanks when making your own honey tank. Putting honey in a regular plastic garbage can (that may have been treated with dangerous chemicals) is a sure recipe for disaster.

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