Pastilles Beeswax

Simplifies working with small amounts of beeswax.


This beeswax, delivered in a 1lb bag, is pure, unbleached and has been pressure-filtered. Beautiful color and a very pleasant beeswax scent.

These pastilles are easily scooped and ideal for use in lip balms, soaps, and skin creams.

Please note that the yellow beeswax pastilles are larger than the white.

Of Note
Beeswax has been a prized substance for thousands of years. It is used in thousands of products, from candles and cosmetics to lubricants for black powder shooting and duck hunting decoys. It takes approximately 8 pounds of nectar for a honey bee colony to produce 1 lb. of wax. Natural beeswax varies in color due to many factors, including nectar source, age of the wax, how heavily trafficked (by tiny bee feet!), among many other things.

Beeswax is mainly made up of esters of fatty acids and is water insoluble when solid. Its specific gravity allows it to float on water. By a melting it in a vat of water one can “render” the wax and separate it from the other substances embedded in the wax which sink to the bottom of the rendering vessel. The remnants of the rendering process are referred to as slum gum. Once rendered, the wax worker can further separate the wax by filtering it through various grades of filter cloth, leaving a beautifully colored wax once the wax is poured into shaping blocks and cools to a solid state. There is no residue at the bottom of any of our wax.

Whitened vs. Cleaned Beeswax

White Beeswax is pure, unbleached beeswax that has been pressure filtered. Beautiful, ivory color and sweet beeswax scent. There is no residue at the bottom of our wax. Whitened beeswax is ideal for projects where you desire a light color finished product or if you want to add colorants.

Cleaned Yellow Beeswax has been heated and debris has been filtered out. It varies in color from light yellow to orange-yellow. Cleaned beeswax is ideal for candle making or projects where you desire the natural beeswax color to shine. Note: the yellow beeswax pastilles are a bit larger than the granular white beeswax.

Note: For cosmetic use and candle making