Side Drawer Pollen Trap

This bottom, side-drawer version features a board that can be moved up to allow the bees to collect pollen or down to allow the bees to bypass the trap.


This trap collects about 2/3 of the pollen loads on bees’ legs. It is best to turn off the trap every 3 weeks so the bees more easily store pollen for themselves. The trap mounts at the bottom of a standard 8 frame or 10 frame wooden hive, above the bottom board. Pollen should be taken from the trap daily to prevent growth of small hive beetles in the trap. Freeze your pollen and check it for debris before selling for human consumption.

This pollen trap comes fully assembled and allows for collection of fresh, clean pollen used for selling or for making pollen patties.

Pollen can be harvested from the drawer without opening the hive. Use of bottom mounted pollen traps prevents monitoring for Varroa mites using screened bottom boards. Complete use and care instructions are included.