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Lyson Solar Wax Melter

A beautiful, functional, smelter, ideal for the backyard beekeeper.


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An affordable and effective way to extract beeswax. Cappings are placed in the stainless steel tray and left in the melter, in hot sun. The sun will then work and wax will drips into two bread pans, creating cakes of wax.

If using to melt cappings remaining after extracting, first rinse off as much honey as possible, to ensure a clean finished product.

External Dimensions

  • 16” wide, 8” tall, 24” long

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pete Cibulskas
havent had time or sun to try it yet but it look good

looks like some good construction , agood size for home use.

richard j thornton
works good but small

just wish it was bigger

Peter Polomski
Wax Facts

I'm really enjoying the melter. Well built and well-designed, it's an excellent value..

Hank Baker
So glad I bought this !!!

The quality of the product exceeded expectations. Put some in ugly comb in it and it filter to a beautiful yellow wax. Very pleased with purchase from perfect bee, great service and great product. On top of that they had the best price.

Bill Gelatka
Works Great

I had 2 years of cappings in uncapping tank and did not have an easy way to melt the wax and separate the honey. I looked at solar wax melters and did not want a wooden one and discovered this unit. It worked great in melting the wax and honey. The screen caught most of the debris and only honey and wax was in the catch tray. I especially like that it comes with 2 trays. I built a stand to hold the unit and at first I had it at a 45 degree angle and it was too steep and some of the un-melted wax went over the screen, then it cut it down to a 4 in 12 pitch and that worked great. I recovered over a gallon of honey from the cappings but since the temperature was over 100 degrees, I'll use this to feed my bees in late fall or early spring.

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