Sundance Top Mount Pollen Trap

Easy to install or remove, and sits on top of all the brood chambers and supers.


Pollen is the male germ cell produced by all flowering plants for fertilization and plant embryo formation. Flower pollen collects on the legs and bodies of worker bees. Sometimes it can also include nectar and bee saliva. Pollen comes from many plants, so the contents of bee pollen can vary significantly depending on the region where it was collected. Bees can collect as much as 65 lbs. of pollen per year, per hive. The honeybee uses pollen as a protein rich source of food.

Collect pollen without taking your hive apart. This trap sits on top of all the brood chambers and supers, making it a breeze to install or remove. The trap comes fully assembled and allows collection of fresh, clean pollen for use in pollen patties or to sell. Complete use and care instructions are included.

All other entrances to the hive must be closed.

Remove queen excluder before use.

Click here for instructions to the Sundance Pollen Trap.