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3-Way Mating Nuc Box Bottom Board

Assembled Bottom Board for the 3-Way Mating Nuc Box.


Available in the standard outside dimensions of a 10 frame hive body, with rims and partitions that are a full 3/4" tall to help avoid damaging swarm cells when transferring to the mating nuc. With one entrance centered on one end and two on the opposing sides, this board allows managing the hive without blocking bees.

Customer Reviews

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Herbert Jacobs
Size of boxes to use

Hello, from the looks of this bottom board, you would need 3 frame boxes correct? Do you sell the 3 frame boxes to support this bottom board?

Richard Hawkins
Queen box

Everything worked perfectly except the description didn't tell that it required medium frames. I'll try to be more careful next time when ordering from you folks

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