Drone Frame

Varroa prefer to deposit their eggs on drone comb. By inserting some Drone Foundation into your brood nest, you can lure Varroa Mites.


By inserting this drone frame, you can lure Varroa Mites to the developing drone brood.

Eleven days after the egg has been laid, the bees will cap the cells. Remove the comb before the bees emerge in approximately 21 days. The foundation is bright green, to easily distinguish from other frames in the hive.

Put the comb in the freezer for a few days to kill the brood and the mites. Then scrape the caps off with a capping’s scratcher and return it to the hive.

The bees will clean up, drag the dead out and refill the comb, starting the cycle over again.

We recommend having two frames for easy rotation. Bees draw beautiful drone cell foundation with it. It is much easier to use than the straight unwired drone foundation.

Hint: If freezer space is not available, blast the frame at a slight angle with a garden hose. This will shear the caps off, leaving the cells intact but will ensure drone pupae and mites will be flushed out. Then shake the excess water off and reinsert the frame into the hive.