P-K Metal Queen Excluder

A high-quality metal queen excluder that will stand the test of time!


This metal queen excluder is built to last, with solid, riveted edges to keep the queen excluded from your honey supers. Made of high-quality galvanized metal by Pietrzak-Kubiak, the maker of our in-hive queen isolation and introduction cages. The spacers on these excluders are wide enough to let worker bees through, but too narrow for the queen to pass.

What makes a Pietrzak-Kubiak queen excluder superior?:

  • Durability: Features 7 spacers made of heavy-duty, strong wire that causes the excluder to stay flat and rigid
  • Strength: Extra strong (ca 900 N/mm2) wires with consistent, even spacing between
  • Highest quality: Made of top-tier European galvanized metal
  • Stands the test of time: The metal perimeter is riveted, meaning there are no welding points that could break or corrode
  • It’s safer for honeybees: The rounded wires make moving between safer and friendlier for the bees


  • 19-7/8″ long x 16-1/4″ wide x 3/16″ tall (10 frame)
  • 19-7/8″ long x 13-3/4″ wide x 3/16″ tall (8 frame)

A Quick Excluder Tip: If you are worried that using a queen excluder will slow down worker bees on their way to store nectar in supers, simply turn it sideways. This allows worker bees to go around the edges, while the queen *typically* remains in the middle of the hive, still excluded from the supers. Once you’re confident enough workers are being drawn up and into the supers, turn the excluder back to its traditional placement… just don’t forget to check for the queen above in the super(s) first!