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Complete BeeMax® Light-Weight Kit

A lightweight beehive kit, perfect for beekeepers who want to get started quickly while being kind to their backs!



BeeMax® started this line of ultra-insulating polystyrene hive equipment to give honeybee colonies a better chance at overwintering in extreme Northern temperatures, while also helping to keep your colony cool in the hot summer months. A long-time manufacturer of wooden beehives said, "BeeMax® offers a better hive for wintering bees. This, and more mite resistant bees, may be the salvation of American beekeeping."

This quote illustrates how revolutionary BeeMax® Polystyrene hive bodies are. Start off your new hobby or update your old one with the best and most up-to-date equipment. Your bees will get off to a faster start in these hives, make more surplus honey for you and your family, and survive the winter better than in a wooden hive.

Smaller brood chambers can mean more manageable colonies. We have added a third medium super, which serves as the same space for the bees as two traditional deep hive bodies. Available in 10 Frame only.

The BeeMax® Light-Weight Kit is sold with unassembled Medium Honey Supers. The beauty of our BeeMax® products is just how easy they are to put together. Each Super takes less than a minute to assemble (far less time than their wooden equivalents).

The Light-Weight Kit Includes:

  • Beemax® Telescoping Outer Cover
  • Wooden Inner Cover for Beemax® Hives
  • 3 Beemax® Medium Supers
  • 30 Medium Plastic Frames
  • Beemax® Bottom Board with Built-in Varroa Screen
  • Support with Flat Tray and Rims

Find assembly instructions Beemax Assembly and Information.

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