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Preferred 8 Frame Langstroth Hive Kit

$459.99 $432.39


This kit includes what a beekeeper needs, to start a hive and to be ready as the colony expands.

Two 8-frame deep boxes and a full set of frames are included to establish the colony with the brood box and space as it expands.

Then, as your bees built their honey reserves, two 8-frame medium boxes are included, again with a full set of frames, to store that glorious honey.

Though this hive has the capacity for a huge amount of honey, the use of 8 frame boxes helps make hive inspections just that little bit easier on the back!


  • Outer cover
  • Deep rim inner cover
  • Hivetop feeder
  • 2 medium pine assembled boxes
  • 16  assembled medium wood frames, with white Pierco foundation and extra wax applied*
  • 2 assembled deep pine hive bodies
  • 16 assembled deep wood frames, with black Pierco foundation and extra wax applied*
  • Plastic queen excluder
  • Reversible bottom board with varroa screen
  • Flat monitoring Ttay
  • Standard smoker
  • Standard hive tool
  • The Beekeeper’s Handbook
  • Deluxe Leather Gloves
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