A Colour Guide to Pollen Loads

Use this carefully researched guide book to aid you in pollen load identification.


This pollen book is a unique resource with worldwide demand. Beekeepers everywhere are fascinated by the sources of pollen brought back to the hive by their bees. Being able to identify the plants producing this pollen is the key to unlocking important information about bee forage in your area.

Dr. Kirk and his team have painstakingly collected pollen loads from bees in Britain and Germany–giving us surprising evidence of the natural variation in the colors seem at the hive entrance.

A Colour Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee contains a key of 500 colors and describes the pollen loads of 268 plant species found in Europe. There is also an account of how this book is useful as a practical guide to pollen identification. The text is given in English, French, and German because of the wide demand for such a book throughout Europe.

About the Author:

William Kirk is a senior lecturer in ecology and entomology at Keele University. He keeps bees and conducts research on bee behavior and pollination.