PerfectBee Colony Webinars

Colony Webinars each cover a specific beekeeping topic, to extend your awareness of bees and the wonderful world of beekeeping.

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Beekeeper using smoker

Why and How To Split A Hive

As we head towards summer, our bees get busy and the population explodes. This can result in an increased likelihood of swarming. One tactic beekeepers use to reduce the risk of swarming is to carry out a split. There are, in fact, other benefits of splits too. In this webinar, we take a close look

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Bee yard

Getting Your Hives Ready For Spring

As spring approaches many beekeepers are looking to install new hives (perhaps our first ones), to give their existing hives a cleanup or both. In this webinar, we look at some jobs you should consider in and around your hives to ensure your bees are off to a great start, leading towards the warmer and

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Helping Your Bees from Winter To Spring

In this webinar look at that vital time of year when bees transition from the winter cluster to the relative warmth of spring. Among the topics we cover, we discuss… . Assessing the colony before the first inspection, through weight . Why hive monitors are not just for the summer or fall . A target

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Beehives in winter

Winter Prep for Bees and Beekeepers

As we move from the depths of winter to the brightness of spring, our bees have a vital transition to make. Depending on location and weather, this will likely involve dramatic changes in just a few weeks. It is also a time that sets up the colony to launch into the warmer and longer days,

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Varroa destructor on honey bee

Mite Control and Treatments

It is essential that bees are able to stay ahead of the threat of mites, through the year. This is particularly important towards the end of summer and heading into fall and winter. Bees have many ways to do this themselves but it is also important that the beekeeper be aware of the level of

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Capped and uncapped cells

The What, Why and How of The Honey Flow

In this PerfectBee Colony webinar we look at the fascinating event we call – somewhat inaccurately – the honey flow. We cover why this is so important to our bees, what happens during the honey flow and what beekeepers can do to help our bees at this essential time.

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Beekeeper inspecting hive

9 Common Mistakes Made By New Beekeepers

In this webinar we take a look at some of the more common mistakes we see beekeepers make. These are not just when that first hive is installed – there is scope for error all the way through the year. We take a look at these misunderstandings and challenges and how even the most inexperienced

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