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PerfectBee Colony Webinars

Colony Webinars cover specific beekeeping topics, extending your knowledge of the wonderful world of beekeeping. These live webinars are a benefit of Colony membership, with  recordings of previous Colony Webinars available below to Colony members.

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The Impatient Beekeeper

Winter Activities For The Impatient Beekeeper

While our bees cluster, keep warm and hopefully see their way to the warmer days of spring, there is less for beekeepers to do in and around our hives. But winter is a great opportunity for the intrepid beekeeper to get organized, learn and prepare for the spring. In this webinar PerfectBee Ambassador Judi Bogardus

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Colony Cluster February 2020

Colony Cluster : February 2020

In this Cluster, we were joined by Senior Contributor, Ron Lane and PerfectBee Ambassadors Judi Bogardus, Jeania Schmalhorst, Pam Hepp. In this Cluster… The dangers of warm days in the winter (3:00) Freezing frames over the winter (11:52) Three important factors for a strong colony (15:25) The one thing to help bees get through the

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Colony Cluster

Colony Cluster : January 2020

In this Cluster, we were joined by Senior Contributor, Ron Lane, as well as PerfectBee Ambassadors William Gullick and Joe Bates. We enjoyed some great questions posted by Colony members and covered the following… Should new beekeepers be overwhelmed by the threats bees face (0:00) Can I ever be mite-free? (4:57) When is the best

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Colony Cluster

Colony Cluster : December 2019

This was our first “roundtable”-type Colony Cluster, featuring participation from Senior Contributor, Ron Lane, as well as PerfectBee Ambassadors Judi Bogardus, William Gullick and Pam Hepp. As usual, our Cluster event offered Colony members the chance to post their beekeeping questions in real time. We enjoyed a lengthy discussion, thanks to great questions from participating

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Beekeeper at dusk

Beekeeping Reflections

In this webinar we look at some of the less-often-discussed aspects of some important options available to the beekeeper. We cover the differing opinions on the use of queen excluders, when entrance reducers are justified, when to feed your bees, the logistics of hive inspections and more.

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Beekeeper using smoker

Why and How To Split A Hive

As we head towards summer, our bees get busy and the population explodes. This can result in an increased likelihood of swarming. One tactic beekeepers use to reduce the risk of swarming is to carry out a split. There are, in fact, other benefits of splits too. In this webinar, we take a close look

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Bee yard

Getting Your Hives Ready For Spring

As spring approaches many beekeepers are looking to install new hives (perhaps our first ones), to give their existing hives a cleanup or both. In this webinar, we look at some jobs you should consider in and around your hives to ensure your bees are off to a great start, leading towards the warmer and

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