A PerfectBee Colony Webinar

Colony Cluster March 2024

Ambassador Round Table Discussion (Start to 15:04)
No Signs of Pollen Coming Into the Hive (16:58)
Checking for Signs that a Queen is Active in a Hive (22:18)
Timing for a Complete Hive Inspection (23:39)
Combining a Weaker and Stronger Colony (24:19)
Varroxsan and EX-OX Tablets (25:52)
Ambassador’s Plans for Spring and Warmer Weather (29:35)
Adding a Water Source (33:58)
How Long Does a Hive Inspection Take? (35:05)
Inspecting a Horizontal Langstroth Hive (38:50)
Bees Visiting a Neighbor’s Pool (39:49)
The Distance of a Water Source Matters (40:15)
Water Foraging Bees (42:56)
Do I Need to Add a Water Source? (44:23)
Using Chlorine in Bee Water (47:09)
PerfectBee Snippet – When to Feed (48:25)
Feeding Bees Now (48:50)
Feeding to Grow Bee Populations (51:45)
An Experienced Beekeeper’s Experiments (52:28)
Pollen Patties and Small Hive Beetles (54:43)
Top Bar Hive Feeding (54:56)
Academy Updates – Quizzes & Webinars (57:45)
An Education Bee Yard (58:49)
Ambassador Final Comments (1:01:05)


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