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As part of our popular Colony Membership, we are proud to present two types of events on a regular basis.

  • Colony Webinars. These are watch-and-listen events, featuring a beekeeping presentation on a specific topic. A Q&A window is available to attendee questions during the event.
  • Colony Cluster. During these events, you join as a “presenter”, along with other Colony members, to engage verbally, with the option (your choice) to also use a webcam. Technically, these are similar to Colony Webinars, but with everyone being a presenter.

We facilitate these events using a highly popular and mature webinar platform called BigMarker. As with any type of webinar, there are some technical requirements for attendees, to enjoy the full experience. These are not within the control of PerfectBee so we ask attendees to check their connection before joining webinars or Cluster.

The following provides details of these requirements, which differ slightly between regular webinars and Colony Cluster.

Testing Your Connection

Before accessing PerfectBee events, it is recommended that you ensure you have an appropriate connection. Clicking the link below will report the speed, in both directions, of your Internet connection as well as check your operating system and browser. It also also allows you to verify the following:

  • Speakers – relevant to both Colony Webinars and Colony Cluster events
  • Mic – relevant to Colony Cluster only
  • Webcam – relevant to Colony Cluster only (you choose to use your webcam)

Test My Connection

PerfectBee Webinars

To enjoy Colony Webinars, the minimum download and upload speed without interruption is 500-700kbps.

If you fail to meet the minimum requirements you may experience technical difficulties in the room including losing connection and poor audio and video. 

Colony Cluster

When joining a Colony Cluster event, the optimum speed for members who want to share microphones, web cams, desk tops, and presentations is 10Mbps+.

Please note that a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference.