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Hive Top Feeder


An effective and popular feeder, with a high capacity.

To install, remove the inner cover and place directly on top of your uppermost box. The feeder includes two inserts that form “ladders”, so the bees will not drown.

Injection-molded plastic, with a wooden rim.

Holds approximately 6.75 liters of syrup (or ~1.75 gallons).

For 10 frame Langstroth hives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This was the only place that i was able to find this type of top feeder. This was exactly what I was looking for.


Just what I wanted.

Just what I wanted

This is just what I wanted. The bees can't get in and drown and it is easy to fill without disturbing the bees.

Not very responsive

The feeders seem to work well but I’m not sure where the yellow plugs go. I sent an email but got no response

Hello Judy and thank you for your comment. I am so sorry that we seem to have crossed wires in some way. We responded to a question about the plugs, as follows. 'In the bottom of the feeder there are 2 punch outs that can be removed, so that the customer can use the feeder to feed solid food. The plugs are included so that, if the punchouts are removed, the plugs can be inserted so the feeder can then be used again for liquid feed. Truth be told, we generally don't recommend this particular feeder with solid food. In some climates, it can be too far for the bees to travel. We like to put the feed as close to the cluster as we can get it. However, when we started leaving out the plugs we received calls from folks complaining that they didn't get the plugs with the feeder like they got last time. :)' Once again, Judy, our sincere apologies for not reaching you the first time around. Thank you again.
top feeder

So far, everything is going well with my top feeder.

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