BroodMinder Citizen Science Kit

A wireless beehive monitor connects automatically to the BroodMinder App on your tablet or smartphone and is easily installed within or beneath your hive.


Once connected to the BroodMinder app, you will see the temperature, humidity and weight of your hive displayed in graph form. This data allows you to monitor the health of your hive over time and intervene when necessary. You can easily track the effects of your hive management. You will also be able to compare data with all the other BroodMinder hives on

The BroodMinder Citizen Science package includes all three BroodMinder devices:

  • BroodMinder-TH goes on top of the upper brood box
  • BroodMinder-T2 goes on top of the lower brood box
  • BroodMinder-W goes under the hive