5 Frame Nuc Inner Cover

Specifically designed for use with a nuc box, including entrance notch


Designed to be used with 5 frame nuc boxes, this inner cover allows moisture to escape, as well as fresh air to be circulated throughout the hive.

In collaboration with a 5 frame telescoping outer cover, can also be used to provide an upper entrance/exit (a 5 frame bottom board is also available)

This inner cover features a notched rim on one end. After your inner cover is placed on the nuc with the notch forward, add an outer cover. Then be sure the outer cover is pushed forward, to ensure there us a gap at the front of the outer cover. This allows your bees and air to pass through the notch in the inner cover, all year round.

Winter Use
During winter, turn the notch side of the inner cover down to provide an upper entrance and ventilation (the deep side of the rim will be downward).

Summer Use
Flip so that the notch side is facing up (the shallower side of the rim will be down). This ensures the bees have no more room above the frames than their normal Bee Space. If the deep side is down in summer, bees will build a lot of comb just under the inner cover.

Made of Luan plywood or smooth tempered Masonite, with a pine outer rim. Design may vary slightly depending on availability

Measures 9-1/8″ x 19-7/8″